Stubbin Wood School - Mansfield

Stubbin Wood School - Splash Pool

The Practice has worked hard to ensure that pupils at Stubbin Wood School in Mansfield, receive a fully featured Splash Pool Room, fit for the 21st century.


This project was undertaken by SIX Architecture + Design, which became part of Byrom Clark Roberts in August 2016. The main aspects of the brief were to carefully strip out the existing inadequate splash pool provision and form a new Splash Pool Room in the existing external courtyard. The new pool room would have provision for staff and pupil changing and it was important to ensure that the pool catered for nursery age children. The Practice was appointed to undertake duties as Architect and Project Manager in January 2010.

Challenges + Opportunities

There were unknown factors relating to the construction and structure of the existing building in the early stages of the project. The design team were able to identify the existing Clasp Mark V pre-fabricated construction, by Scape System Build Ltd. The Practice visited the Derbyshire County Council archives to locate records of the as-built condition and in turn contacted Scape to obtain record drawings of the generic Clasp Mark V system.

The project's validity was rooted firmly in whether sufficient funds were to be available and as such, cost certainty was sought from an early stage. This was complicated by the voluntary liquidation of the main contractor half way through the construction phase of the project, but the strict implementation of the building contract went a long way to ensuring that any losses were minimised.

It was important to ensure that the proposed Splash Pool was to be not only fit for purpose, but would also provide a significantly greater number of potential pool sessions for pupils. The associated pool costs were more than half of the original project budget, placing considerable pressure on balancing other elements of construction costs, as well as relevant project fees.


Stubbin Wood School - Revit simulation of space and lighting

Stubbin Wood School wanted to build this facility around the needs of the children that would use the pool. This approach was fully adopted by the Practice which was committed to ensuring that the pool provided the best possible user experience for the children.

Two key factors were considered: the use of daylight throughout the associated rooms and providing unencumbered spaces to allow greater freedom for pupils with impaired mobility.

Daylight within the main space is brought in via a curtain wall screen, containing coloured glass panels – the coloured glazing serves dual functions of providing a greater degree of privacy, as well as offering sensory stimulation for the service users. Clerestory glazing to the roof perimeter allows daylight to enter the room throughout the year.

The pool itself is designed as a ‘Splash Pool’, providing water not deep enough for swimming, but deeper than would be provided by a paddling pool. The Splash Pool depth can be varied according to the age and ability of the children using it, by means of an artificial floor. The new pool has a separate plant room, which allows the pool to be mechanically heated and filtered, whereas the old pool had to be emptied and refilled after each session.


The Practice was appointed to fulfill the duties of a Full Architectural Service, in addition to an extended role as Project Manager. The services included undertaking a feasibility study and based on this, advising the Client. The Practice directed the design process (concept - detailed design - production), invited tenders and administered the building contract.

From a project management perspective, the Practice developed the brief, created the Project Plan and advised on procurement. Consultant appointment and liaising with the Local Authority were also key elements of the appointment. The Practice regularly reported to the Client and contributed to tender evaluation, as well as organising the 'as built' information.

"Essential for us was the services of a skilled and knowledgeable individual who could interpolate alongside responses from third party stakeholders and advise us of the implications of suggested particular courses of action."


[Lee Floyd | Head Teacher | Stubbin Wood School]

  • Project Type : Local Authority / Primary School
  • Project Value : £275K +VAT (approx)
  • Project Status : RIBA STAGE 7 - In Use
  • BCR services : RIBA STAGE 0 - Strategic Definition to RIBA STAGE 7 - In Use
  • Start / End : January 2012 / April 2014
  • Contractor : Tanbry Construction Limited // 01623 422778
  • Last Updated : 11th September 2016









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