Oldfield Road - Sheffield

Oldfield Road interior

Our clients wanted to keep the greenbelt views, but reconfigure their home to match their changing family needs.


This project was undertaken by SIX Architecture + Design, which became part of Byrom Clark Roberts in August 2016. The design of an attic conversion, providing a new bedroom with balcony & en-suite shower room. The replacement / reconstruction of the roof to provide a duo-pitch solution, and a new family room at ground floor level, with new opening formed to the existing kitchen. Consideration was required for the modernisation of the front of the house, to include the porch. Also included were new windows to the bathroom and two bedrooms, a new boiler, new garage door (relocating adjacent meters / services), and potentially a new bathroom suite to the main family bathroom.

Challenges + Opportunities

A main challenge came with changing the roof design and assessing how best to approach that from an engineering perspective i.e. using truss or rafter construction. A new staircase up to the attic also offered considerable challenges in fitting it between the first and second floors without causing disruption to access to first floor rooms. We needed to ensure adequate head height in the converted attic space, necessitating alteration in design from pyramid to prism shaped roof. There were practical considerations such as ensuring drainage on the ground floor worked with moving the kitchen to the other side of the house. An important aesthetic challenge came with deciding how to rebuild the porch and extend the garage roof so that the entire building would be presented as one considered whole.

There were real opportunities to impact family life by opening up the ground floor at the rear of the house to provide a more open plan living area, and claiming unused space in the loft to make bedrooms work better for changing family needs. In rebuilding the porch, it could be made to be a more functional point of arrival, whilst extending the garage meant more usable space. 


Oldfield Road exterior

SIX AD felt that it was important not to unduly affect the character of the house, and this informed design decisions. Therefore, any substitution of new materials would be respectful to the original; the roof structure would be altered without changing the roof pitch and the new roof would be slightly higher than the original and create three new gables. These would be rendered rather than finished in brickwork in order to reduce the visual impact of three storeys of brickwork, making the roof appear ‘lighter’. A new front dormer provides additional space at the attic level which facilitates the inclusion of an en-suite shower room. Internally, new staircases were to be designed in from the ground floor to attic level and bathroom fittings were to be replaced. The ground floor was also to be opened up to maximise circulation and space.

SIX AD produced conceptual designs, continuing to develop the preferred design with the client. Technical design was also undertaken and applications for planning permission submitted.

  • Project Type : Private / Residential
  • Project Value : £60.5K +VAT (approx)
  • Project Status : RIBA STAGE 7 - In Use
  • BCR services : RIBA STAGE 0 - Strategic Definition to RIBA STAGE 7 - In Use
  • Start / End : August 2013 / January 2014
  • Contractor : WRD Building Services Ltd // 0114 285 5991
  • Last Updated : 21st October 2016
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