Milden Road - Sheffield

Milden Road interior

Rear extension and redevelopment of the existing ground floor, creates opportunities for space and light.


This project was undertaken by SIX Architecture + Design, which became part of Byrom Clark Roberts in August 2016. SIX AD met with Tim Hammond and Nynke Wierda in May 2011 to discuss the redevelopment and extension of their 1930s detached house in Wadsley. After listening to their requirements, SIX AD recommended extending the house to create larger open areas with the use of sliding / folding doors. Also, the consideration of the redesigning of their separate dining room and narrow kitchen to create more space and light, along with the redevelopment of the garden and the way it connects to the house.

Challenges + Opportunities

A main challenge presented itself in overcoming the narrowness of the garden; this meant building close to the boundaries which could raise potential party wall issues, and required that SIX AD work closely with the engineer regarding the design and waterproofing of a retaining wall. The provision of space in the ‘multi-functional space’ (MFS) created in the extension needed to be balanced without making the patio too narrow and the dining room too dark. Another challenge came in working with different levels of the kitchen, MFS and driveway; the design needed to allow access to all rooms whilst keeping circulation space compact.

The design could incorporate more extensive use of glazing, allowed by Building Control due to the specification of energy efficient glazing ( SIX AD were also pleased with the quality of work on site, working closely with Wombat Construction. There was therefore a strong realisation of the brief, made possible by a very close working relationship with the clients – an exchange of vision and ideas combined with SIX AD expertise.


Milden Road exterior

The design was intended to be modern, but also using traditional materials – linear in style with subtle enhancements such as recessed brick panels that follow the line of the windows. Windows in the MFS were set to a height where optimal view of the garden is available and corner posts are kept as slender as possible to maximise views.

SIX AD produced conceptual designs, continuing to develop the preferred design with the client. Technical design was also undertaken and applications for planning permission and building regulations submitted.

"Both the opened up internal and the accessible external spaces are also much more easily shared. The quality of the design and the building work is fantastic with a real 'wow' factor. With all this new space and light every day is a happy day!"


[Nynke Wierda | Client]

  • Project Type : Private / Residential
  • Project Value : £59K +VAT (approx)
  • Project Status : RIBA STAGE 7 - In Use
  • BCR services : RIBA STAGE 0 - Strategic Definition to RIBA STAGE 7 - In Use
  • Start / End : September 2012 / April 2013
  • Contractor : Wombat Construction Ltd 
  • Last Updated : 21st October 2016
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