Foxwood Industrial Park - Chesterfield

Foxwood Industrial Park - Chesterfield

On a site that laid dormant for over a decade, clients John Williams and Steve Thompson commissioned a series of speculative light industrial units.


This project was undertaken by SIX Architecture + Design, which became part of Byrom Clark Roberts in August 2016. The practice was comissioned to provide a building/s which offered 7 light industrial / storage units including external landscaping and car parking (now revised to 6 units). The building was to stand out from the other units on the industrial estate and offer an alternative to prospective tenants.

Challenges + Opportunities

Using an existing brownfield site meant overcoming level issues and developing a proposal that used the site efficiently, allowing for sufficient car parking. The building was designed around an internal angle, effectively an elbow shape – therefore the design needed to allow for sufficient frontage for each unit.

The two central units have the largest floor area but potentially the smallest frontage; a number of versions of the floor plans were produced in order to strike an acceptable balance. There were also considerations such as managing deliveries, visitors, waste disposal – all on the same side of the building. Part of gaining planning consent involved demonstrating to the Highways Officer that the carriageways were large enough to accommodate service vehicles.

The Practice was keen to demonstrate that commonly used materials can be given a different aesthetic when applied in innovative and inexpensive ways.

Foxwood Industrial Park - Unit Entrance

Aiming to avoid repeating the typical duo pitched industrial aesthetic which surrounds the site, it was agreed with the client to generate a more high tech ‘machined’ style, retaining a dense building footprint to maximise accommodation without compromising car parking or circulation. The basic concept provides a wide V shape in plan with a roof that wraps around and projects beyond the main form of the building, rather than sitting on it. The introduction of one consistently utilised angle adds a sense of dynamism to the building and focuses the eye to the main elevation.


SIX AD produced conceptual designs, undertook continuing design development, technical design and production of information.  The Practice also administered the submission of an application for Planning Approval.

  • Project Type : Commercial / Light Industrial
  • Project Value : £485K +VAT (approx - shell only)
  • Project Status : RIBA STAGE 7 - In Use
  • BCR services : RIBA STAGE 0 - Strategic Definition to RIBA STAGE 3 - Developed Design
  • Start / End : April 2013 / March 2014 (approx.)
  • Contractor : T H Stockton Ltd // 01246 569520
  • Last Updated : 20th October 2016
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