Endowood Road - Sheffield

Endowood after

An extensive refurbishment, modernisation and extension to a 1950s semi-detached house in Millhouses, Sheffield – a much needed facelift, 60 years in the making.


This project was undertaken by SIX Architecture + Design, which became part of Byrom Clark Roberts in August 2016.

An extension to the front of the house at ground and first floor level, with the existing main roof to be extended to continue over the new extension. The ground floor of the extension to become a garage, the first floor to become a new bedroom. The existing garage adapted to become a habitable space, knocked through to connect with the adjoining room. An extension is also required to the rear of the house at ground floor level – an extensively glazed structure, offering additional space and light to the proposed kitchen / dining / living areas.

The attic to be converted to form a habitable space with an en-suite bathroom and an external balcony within the pitch of the main roof, i.e. not projecting beyond the line of the main roof. Access to the attic to be gained via a new staircase, located adjacent to the existing staircase, with the lower landing in the existing front bedroom. The existing shower room and bathroom to be knocked through to form one larger room. We discussed the inclusion of a new window in the bathroom, so that views of the garden can be enjoyed from the bath. Introduction of a balcony and en-suite bathroom to the existing master bedroom. A general refurbishment / modernisation of the house required, including cosmetic improvements, as well as the potential for re-wiring and upgrades to the central heating system.

Challenges + Opportunities

Endowood Road - before

Some previous work on the house had been done badly; this required SIX AD to identify areas of the property that needed to be rebuilt. Some elements of the house needed repetition of detailing in order to maintain the original character of the house and other original features necessitated upgrades e.g original windows were not double glazed. Making useful space of the roof was a consideration, which would consist of one large room with a central staircase. The client preferred to have one spacious room as opposed to two smaller rooms, and therefore SIX AD needed to consider various solutions.

The ground floor of the house was stripped, overcoming narrow rooms by knocking through and opening up space across the whole of the rear of the house, converting three rooms into one. Extension at the first floor level allowed the bathroom to be pushed back over the ground floor extension, creating space for the new staircase to the attic conversion. The first floor was re-configured to include a new en-suite and a whole new bedroom, with the addition of an extra large attic room with en-suite bathroom. The building works also gave opportunity for tidying up the appearance of some unattractive construction, e.g. non-matching brickwork and demolition of an old carport.


Endowood Road - internal

SIX AD designed the scheme to incorporate key features of the existing property, e.g. the dental courses made to continue around the building, and the detailing on the front doors and windows included in the model. It was deemed important that the side extension bring balance and symmetry to the front elevation.

Internally, the décor did not seem to have been touched since the 1950s / 60s. Combining three rooms at the ground floor level created an open living area, with the largest sliding doors SIX AD has included in any design to date. These doors open out onto the decking and evoke a stronger connection with the garden.

SIX AD produced conceptual designs, continuing to develop the preferred design with the client. Technical design was also undertaken and applications for planning permission submitted.


  • Project Type : Private / Residential
  • Project Value : £58.5K +VAT (approx)
  • Project Status : RIBA STAGE 7 - In Use
  • BCR services : RIBA STAGE 0 - Strategic Definition to RIBA STAGE 4 - Technical Design
  • Start / End : December 2011 / June 2013
  • Contractor : Adam Lord
  • Last Updated : 8th November 2016


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