Expert Witness

"Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favouritism to the great, but judge your neighbour fairly."


[Leviticus 19:15]

Personal Injury

We provide support for Claimant or Defendant work in the UK and Europe, following catastrophic injuries and medical negligence.

We also prepare reports for accidents resulting in injuries from the built environment.

Construction Defects

We provide litigation support for Claimants or Defendants in connection with building defects of all types including assessment of related costs and provide appropriate remedial proposals.

Professional Negligence

We provide litigation support for Claimant or Defendant in cases of alleged negligence by Architects, Surveyors, Structural and Civil Engineers.

Contract Disputes

We undertake investigations in to the causes of and responsibility for defective work, preparation and costing of appropriate remedial proposals and preparation and costing of Schedules of Defective work.

Planning Objections & Appeals

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Boundary Disputes

We provide reports including location of boundaries with reference to the site specific features and recorded legal documents. We also provide a service for Rights of Light and Party Wall Disputes.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide Expert services under the following headings:

  • Expert Determination
  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication
  • Mediation

Expert Determination

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This section will be updated soon.


Section 108 of the Construction Act 1996 gives a statutory right for either party in a construction contract to refer a dispute to Adjudication at any time.

The Adjudicator must be appointed within 7 days of a party referring the matter to Adjudication. The Adjudicator must reach a decision within 28 days of referral. An extra 14 days may be allowed if the referring party agrees or longer if both parties agree.

If you receive a Notice of Adjudication, it is vital that a robust response is put forward within the very tight timescale. Byrom Clark Roberts are able to provide a rapid response service when you or your company receive a Notice of Adjudication.


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