The Expert and a "Good Dose of Humility"

When the phone rings, the email lands or the letter arrives with a new expert witness instruction it is a reminder that someone thinks you are good at what you do. More than that. That you are better than most. This can of course be an invitation to hubris.

Architectural Design Service - It’s Awards Season!

It’s awards season again and whilst my nominations for best leading actor award from the BAFTA and the Oscars Committees must have got lost in the post, I must admit to being very pleased to learn that a project I was responsible for has been nominated.

Property Boundary Lines - What You Need To Know

A boundary line is an invisible legal line that designates the extent of land ownership which has been established from conveyance deeds or ‘title plans’ produced by HM Land Registry usually based on an Ordnance Survey map.

Architectural Student Moves To The City

I already knew Sheffield reasonably well before I started work for Byrom Clark Roberts, having just completed a year of study for my Part II qualification at Sheffield Hallam University, but the new job has taken me into a new part of the city.

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