Manchester Architecture

I think there is a strong claim for Manchester to be recognised as a secondary capital, in our nation. Organisations of national importance have moved to the city in recent years, including the BBC to the Media City on Salford Quays.

Building Control

Building regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure safety and health for people, including those with disabilities, in or around those buildings, and to help conserve fuel and power.

Chartered Surveyor Chester and Party Walls

Chester is an attractive city to be based in. Once a Roman fort, it can feel like walking back in time past famous Chester Rows, first floor covered walkways that front some of the shops, and the black and white Tudor buildings.

Buyer Beware! - Structural Engineers Reports

The majority of Structural Engineers Reports that are undertaken by Byrom Clark Roberts are done through the process of a property sale. This is usually, but not always, at the request of the purchaser.

Forensic Engineering - Imperial War Museum North

To some Matilda is the name of a Roald Dahl book. To others a film and if you’re lucky, a stage play. To the Engineering Department at Chester, Matilda is a tank. A World War II tank weighing 25 tons in the Imperial War Museum North, in Manchester.

The Expert and a "Good Dose of Humility"

When the phone rings, the email lands or the letter arrives with a new expert witness instruction it is a reminder that someone thinks you are good at what you do. More than that. That you are better than most. This can of course be an invitation to hubris.

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