Our team of architects and technologists apply their knowledge in design, historic buildings and Building Information Modelling, to offer a unique range of services to a broad range of clients.

Architectural Services

Full Architectural Service

Covering Work Stages 0 - 7 in the RIBA Plan of Works 2013, the Full Architectural Service offers a comprehensive and rigorous approach to a project, which may include the identification of needs, advice on procurement, the production of feasibility options, development of preferred options, submission of applications for planning approval, detailed design, contractor tendering, building contract administration, site inspections and reporting, hand-over procedures and facilitating post-occupancy feedback.

Architectural Design Service

Covering Work Stages 0 - 4 in the RIBA Plan of Works 2013, the Architectural Design Service is suitable for clients that may intend to follow a Design & Build procurement route, where direct architectural input concludes prior to the construction phase. This service would also suit a client that intends to pause their project between the completion of design services and the commencement of construction works.

The pattern of services may include production of feasibility options, development of preferred options, submission of applications for planning approval, detailed design and contractor tendering.

Feasibility Studies

A Feasibility Study is often undertaken when a fuller appreciation of opportunities and constraints is required. The scope of such a study can be tailored to suit the needs and budget of a particular client.  This ensures that all applicable aspects of a project have been given due consideration, from site and environmental issues, to design options and costing models. The conclusions of the Study in turn facilitate further discussion and informed decisions.

Building Refurbishment

Assisting building owners, landlords or tenants, in establishing potential re-development options for their properties. Working in close consultation with our engineers and surveyors, to develop schemes of enabling-works and / or remediation, prior to provision of further services in line with the Architectural Design Service or Full Architectural Service options.

Building Conservation

Byrom Clark Roberts employs Accredited Conservation Architects & Surveyors qualified under the AABC & RICS Accreditation Schemes compliant with the Edinburgh Group training standards across construction professions. We strongly encourage our staff to gain accreditation and specialist qualifications in Building Conservation and are working towards our Structural & Civil Engineers gaining accreditation under the ICE scheme.

Accreditation is required by both Historic England (formerly English Heritage) and the Heritage Lottery Fund involving any grant aided works to Listed Buildings.  Many Local Authorities are now also requiring applications to listed buildings, or works in Conservation Areas, to be prepared or submitted by Conservation Accredited Consultants.

Conservation Management

Preparation of design solutions to listed or historic buildings.  We can prepare Conservation Management Plans or Statements of Significance that identify the ‘historically significant’ elements within a listed structure.  These Plans can then be agreed with the various Conservation Agencies and can inform repair, restoration or alteration works within an agreed framework.

Statements of Significance

Byrom Clark Roberts can offer both the initial Conservation Advice and subsequent Design Solutions that respect historic significance within a listed building or structure.

Quinquennial Inspections

Quinquennial Inspections consist of regular five yearly surveys to a church building. These Reports comment on the condition of the fabric and include recommendations for repairs required. Urgent works are identified as a priority.

Byrom Clark Roberts currently act as Church Architects to over 100 anglican parishes in the north of England. We also work with the Methodist Church, United Reformed Church and Baptist Church organisations as well as several Independent Evangelical Churches regarding the regular inspection and repair of their church buildings.

Many Organisations have discovered the value of regular periodic inspections that help to identify issues before they become serious and costly to repair.

Accommodation Strategy Reports

The remit, structure and vision of organisations may change over time. An Accommodation Strategy Report can be undertaken to ascertain the suitability of an organisation's building stock, to meet their present and future needs. The exact scope of the report is agreed with each client on a case by case basis, to reflect the necessary outcomes of the process. The outputs of the report may include proposed responses to condition surveys, phased plans for redistibution of personnel, or perhaps proposals for the development of new buildings or infrastructure. 

Sustainable Design

The potential on-site and off-site environmental impact of any proposed development, is an important consideration. The UK Building Regulations provide a framework for the minimum standards to be achieved by refurbished and new buildings; whenever possible, Byrom Clark Roberts is committed to developing proposals that exceed those minimum standards.

As an ISO 14001 registered practice, advice is available in relation to sustainable development, including appropriate siting and orientation of buildings, reducing CO2 output, harnessing renewable energy, limiting waste production in construction and use, separation and recycling of waste materials, energy consumption / management / monitoring and use of Building Information Modelling technologies to simulate performance of buildings prior to construction. 

Planning Applications

Preparation and submission of applications for Planning Approval, discharge of Planning Conditions and Reserved Matters. Advice is also available regarding Change of Use applications, the Appeal process and appointment of specialist consultants when applicable.

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